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1.  Front cover

2.  List of sections

3.  Aims and Objectives

4.   Office Contact Details

5.  The nature of the services which the agency provides

6.  The geographical area where the services are provided

The range of qualification of the care workers who are to attend the homes of the service users

The circumstances to which the agency may cease to provide services to a service user

7. Arrangements for cancellation of the supply of a domiciliary care worker by the service user or the agency

Financial arrangements & fees

Arrangements for sick leave, annual leave & training leave

8.   Requirements in relation to time sheets

9 - 10.  The complaints procedure established in accordance with regulation 21

10 - 120 List of policies & procedures available to safeguard service users & domiciliary care workers

121 -122 Procedures for the administration, or assistance with the administration of medication

123 Requirements to protect the health & safety of domiciliary care workers

124  Procedures to be followed in the event of an occurrence referred to in regulation 27

125 Arrangements for service users to express their views about the service provided by the agency

126  The management structure of the agency

The extent to which the agency provides services to service users other than employees of the agency

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